smartfacts BUSINESS – the collaboration platform to actively integrate all employees into the process design of your company

smartfacts BUSINESS enables you to collaboratively work on your processes wherever and whenever you like. Due to the digital knowledge center, you and your colleagues can quickly and easily find information that is essential and relevant for the daily tasks. This enables processes to run smoothly and efficiently. By using smartfacts BUSINESS, complicated communication channels, searching for current documents and miscommunication are a thing of the past.

Employees can access, comment and discuss processes flexible and from anywhere they want. They can also comment and discuss them with each other. This enables all employees to actively contribute their knowledge to the company’s process management. User roles define which user groups are permitted to access which information. As a result, the responsibilities are clearly defined and can easily be understood by everyone. The following user roles were defined for smartfacts BUSINESS:


Process Users

find the relevant process in the currently valid version using smartfacts BUSINESS. The process contents are easy to access for them and displayed in a clear and understandable way, regardless of previous knowledge.


Process Owners

are responsible for their processes and for improving them continuously. smartfacts BUSINESS enables them to easily gather feedback and release their processes in a standardized way.


BPM Managers

make use of smartfacts BUSINESS to organize the company’s process landscape. They increase the transparency of the process management and keep an overview of important topics such as quality assurance and compliance.


Process Designers

use the integrated modeler to quickly and easily start modeling on the fly in smartfacts BUSINESS. They can also use the modeling tools that they are used to.

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